Naked and Chained Against the rock -- a sacrifice; What barbaric punishment Has set you here?   I suppose the sea god desires His Cetus to devour The nakedness Forced upon you.   Your vulnerability speaks, And my ears want to listen; Why are we punished For the actions of others?   I find myself… Continue reading Andromeda


A Perpetual Harmony

Remember when the CD player skipped that night? The rabbits ran across the road as our breath floated in the air – The car was so damn cold! Our hearts beat so damn fast! And we laughed insanely into the night.   The guitar riffs blared While the snow drifts ensnared The worn out tires… Continue reading A Perpetual Harmony

At A Loss’ Conundrum

Sometimes We have to remember why we enjoyed doing something in the first place Like Flipping back a few dozen pages when the chapter starts getting dark and troublesome. A new perspective is discovered, and the eerie, unknown labyrinths can be maneuvered in a little more steadily. Sometimes We have to own our decisions Like… Continue reading At A Loss’ Conundrum

Look At Us

Look at us We hold hands forever Look at us Lips locked and tethered   Listen to me My voice beckoning Listen to you Our enchantment in view   Listen to me You're someone I need Listen to you Making all this come true   Look at us Sharing Coca-Cola Look at us Wearing matching… Continue reading Look At Us

City Lights

The city lights battle against the stars. And rain trickles down, blending with her tears. Dissonant screams from out of tune guitars. And God is weeping, I'd wasted her years.   I had expressed love, she did not retreat. Actions obliged, bonding this realism. Her heart broke, leaving her cries in the street. Rainbow in… Continue reading City Lights

The Union Station in Ogden Utah: A Brief History Told First Hand

The Roman influence brings me to life, I am celebrated, forthcoming too! Astonished in my nature? Play the fife, Or ring the bells, let's play the interlude.   Yet, I feel as though there's something damnèd In my presence. Will great fortune spare me? Methinks I can't resist this fate. Scorchèd! The fires consumes me… Continue reading The Union Station in Ogden Utah: A Brief History Told First Hand