A Perpetual Harmony

Remember when the CD player skipped that night? The rabbits ran across the road as our breath floated in the air – The car was so damn cold! Our hearts beat so damn fast! And we laughed insanely into the night.   The guitar riffs blared While the snow drifts ensnared The worn out tires… Continue reading A Perpetual Harmony


City Lights

The city lights battle against the stars. And rain trickles down, blending with her tears. Dissonant screams from out of tune guitars. And God is weeping, I'd wasted her years.   I had expressed love, she did not retreat. Actions obliged, bonding this realism. Her heart broke, leaving her cries in the street. Rainbow in… Continue reading City Lights

The Union Station in Ogden Utah: A Brief History Told First Hand

The Roman influence brings me to life, I am celebrated, forthcoming too! Astonished in my nature? Play the fife, Or ring the bells, let's play the interlude.   Yet, I feel as though there's something damnèd In my presence. Will great fortune spare me? Methinks I can't resist this fate. Scorchèd! The fires consumes me… Continue reading The Union Station in Ogden Utah: A Brief History Told First Hand


Two oscillators A square – The city skyline, pulsating, steady frequency. A sine – The ocean waves, rolling hills, smooth. A sawtooth – Vehement voices, aggressive action, piercing precision, cutting! A triangle – The pyramids of Giza, a mountain-scape, odd harmonies, odd symmetry Blend them together Abstract timbre! Shrieking signals! Veloce voices! LFO Tremble, unsteady,… Continue reading Synthesizer

Our March Together

It's as if we've marched together. . .   Embrace each other – drum rolls forever. That blissful kiss before we knew The words we'd say, “I love you.”   Our footprints mark the concrete – An etch in stone made with our feet – That show the path of a long journey With hands… Continue reading Our March Together

A Moment

There she is. Standing in our kitchen. That sweet scent of vanilla that she wears wafts, moving its pungent body like a beautiful scene from the Cirque De Soleil; dynamic, acrobatic, enigmatic, but I don't care because it touches my sense in a way...   She loves the Kings of Leon. I move toward the… Continue reading A Moment