Gender Construction in Rebel Without A Cause

By: Logan Arey, creator of Winding Expressions     I've got to say, Rebel Without A Cause (1955) is a rich film. I chose to watch it because, honestly, I've never seen a James Dean film and I felt like I needed to, and I was very amuse d by Dean's acting ability. The movie… Continue reading Gender Construction in Rebel Without A Cause


Nostalgic Subversion: Allegory in The Wild One

By: Logan Arey, creator of Winding Expressions What initially drew my attention to the film The Wild One? Well, it's the same thing that drew in most youth culture of the 1950's; it was the style and the fashion. Marlon Brando dons on a black, leather biker-jacket and some classic Levi's 501 jeans. Hollywood was… Continue reading Nostalgic Subversion: Allegory in The Wild One


Naked and Chained Against the rock -- a sacrifice; What barbaric punishment Has set you here?   I suppose the sea god desires His Cetus to devour The nakedness Forced upon you.   Your vulnerability speaks, And my ears want to listen; Why are we punished For the actions of others?   I find myself… Continue reading Andromeda

A Perpetual Harmony

Remember when the CD player skipped that night? The rabbits ran across the road as our breath floated in the air – The car was so damn cold! Our hearts beat so damn fast! And we laughed insanely into the night.   The guitar riffs blared While the snow drifts ensnared The worn out tires… Continue reading A Perpetual Harmony

Amor: A One Act Closet Drama

Act I Scene I A studio where a podcast is recorded. INTERVIEWER This month we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the legendary songwriter, Lysander. In this interview, we will be focusing on his last EP, the underground sensation, Amor. Initially, Amor was not well received by critics or fans, but after his passing, three… Continue reading Amor: A One Act Closet Drama

The Glow Of The Television

By: Logan Arey Blank and Blank laid in bed with the television on after pleasing each other sexually. Blank went down on Blank, and Blank went down on Blank. Sleeping, Blank's arm was around Blank, and Blank's arm was also around Blank. They laid there – still, not a movement except for the shifting colors… Continue reading The Glow Of The Television