The Shapes of the Clouds

Image source

By: Logan Arey, creator of Winding Expressions


A soft spot is all you need

To look up and wander

About our blue atmosphere

And sway away lethargically.


Engage with the clouds —

White fluffy sheep

Jumping in the air —

Traveling gently and transforming in the sight of sleepy eyes.


A metamorphosis;

A menacing dragon chasing a rabbit!

Its mouth makes contact with the tail

Before dissolving into a hazy fog.


Then suddenly a human with a rifle

Stands amongst a similar crowd;

Bearing arms the battle begins,

And the firefight commences!


Their heads are blown apart!

Legs, arms, and torsos shred

And dissipate into obscurity;

Their matter lies still in the sky.


Suddenly a sleepy cat forms.

It lies there with closed eyes

While its tail waves before turning

Into a slippery serpent.


The serpent sinks its fangs

Into the neck of a child.

The child lays down to die

Then transforms into a coffin.


The death box’s door unhinges;

A flock of fowl fly from the dust

And rise up high! They fly about!

They fly in circles before fading.


Then sensual bliss!

Round, perky, breasts

Smother the sky;

Their dainty nipples turn to stars.


The daytime has fallen

Over the horizon.

The dusk canvas

Twinkles before my eyes.


But I look at you

While my head is planted in your lap.

Your soft thighs soothe me

And a warm sensation radiates about.


Your face is the best image

I’ve seen in the sky —


Better than anything

I could ever see in life.


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