An Ode To Atlas

Image source by Dr. Conati

By: Logan Arey, creator of Winding Expressions


Let me take the heavens away from thee;

The Celestial sphere I will roll,

And sing an ode to those above.

Let the melody dance around their ears.


Atlas’ punishment – to separate heav’n

And earth – what if I touch the two

Together and give harmony

To our domain, and expose what’s real?


I walk along the blackened night-time streets;

A bottle of bourbon slushing

Round – soaking the brown paper bag;

Torn pieces crumble beneath my footsteps.


My back broke beneath social barriers;

The shovel’s spine splintered that day

While the wheel barrel felt fatigued,

And my sweat, like rain, covered the rich soil.


I fell to the earth – my calloused palms dug,

Head hung low – bowing in reverence

As if in a congregation

To a contour encased in the sunlight.


His shadow hung over then pulled away,

Leaving me kneeling on the dirt

And letting the sun cast its rays

Down upon me – consuming my being.


Defeated, I crawl’d to a tree for shade,

Where I saw the silhouette sit

In comfort and in luxury.

I sat, a modest being, perplexèd.


The man had two arms, two legs, and one mind.

His fine fabrics show’d elegance;

My dismal threads gave up and shred.

I too had two arms, two legs, and one mind.


What sepr’ates me from the elegant man?

A circumstance; a position.

A role assigned as laborer

On this stage we call civilization.


Not all of us get the protagonist.

We are placed in minor roles

As tools driving the plot for our

Leaders. We exit in obscurity.


Now bourbon spills as I walk these dark streets.

I seek Atlas for an exchange;

To change minds and bring together

The sphere that reigns and the sphere that obeys.


My journey’s long and full of obstacles.

But I will find Atlas one day,

No matter how dark these streets get!

Cuz the bourbon keeps fillin’ me right up!


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