Perseus and Andromeda by Eugène Delacroix under the public domain

Naked and Chained

Against the rock — a sacrifice;

What barbaric punishment

Has set you here?


I suppose the sea god desires

His Cetus to devour

The nakedness

Forced upon you.


Your vulnerability speaks,

And my ears want to listen;

Why are we punished

For the actions of others?


I find myself born

Into a broken civilization;

A society operating

Behind a facade.


My ancestors boasted their pride;

They constructed these rigid walls

Out of self-determination for

What’s good for the human race!


They created gods,

They created money,

They created wealth,

And they created poverty.


I find myself bound —

Bound and exposed —

And being feasted upon!

But Perseus never rescued me.


So on the ground I lay

And peer into the night’s sky —

Starring up toward

Your sparkling figure.


May I ascend? Can I be

Cast into the sky

And be ripped apart and

Scattered out like the stars?


Or can you promise to embrace me —

Collide with me! Collide with me,

Even if it takes

Four billion years?


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