A Perpetual Harmony


Remember when the CD player skipped that night?

The rabbits ran across the road as our breath floated in the air –

The car was so damn cold!

Our hearts beat so damn fast!

And we laughed insanely into the night.


The guitar riffs blared

While the snow drifts ensnared

The worn out tires on my Chevrolet.

And the beat of the drum,

While your sweet voice hummed,

Kept the beat for chattering teeth

And the cymbals jangled along with my keys.


The stuttering stereo kept singing

As the snowflakes dazzled like stars,

And we kept on driving,

And we kept on dying –

On the road! – tires perpetually spinning

Like the orbiting rock we sit atop,

But we kept on going,

And we kept on spinning,

And we keep on living

In these dark, frozen nights.


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