Our March Together

It’s as if we’ve marched together. . .


Embrace each other – drum rolls forever.

That blissful kiss before we knew

The words we’d say, “I love you.”


Our footprints mark the concrete –

An etch in stone made with our feet –

That show the path of a long journey

With hands sealed tight, just you and me


The Autumn wind against our backs

Pushed us forward along our path.

The leaves had danced and they had swayed –

Then fell gently upon us where we laid.


The Winter came upon our walk

The longest nights, the shortest clocks.

But the bright lights of Christmas gave us joy

Alongside our admiration to enjoy.


The Spring brought the floral aroma,

And brought sensation into our soma.

We breathed in the fresh, clean air,

And took a view of the life we share.


The Summer sun’s rays shine so bright,

Highlighting our figures – reflecting light.

The critters are out, and prancing away,

Alongside us in the longest days.


And now back to Autumn, a familiar home


. . . into a realm we call our own.


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