A Moment

There she is. Standing in our kitchen. That sweet

scent of vanilla that she wears wafts, moving its

pungent body like a beautiful scene from the

Cirque De Soleil; dynamic, acrobatic, enigmatic,

but I don’t care because it touches my sense

in a way…


She loves the Kings of Leon. I move toward the

portable boom box on the kitchen counter,

pressing play, selecting skip track forward – forward

she moves into my arms when she hears her

song. I lift her up; she pecks my lips – those

lips, she says it better – about mine; “like the

warm soft sensation serenading – the expression

is exquisite, delightful, natural; there’s

none like them.” Amen, mi amor, amen.


I set her down upon the soft sofa where I

feel her smooth skin while she runs her fingers

through my brawny beard – yes! the beauty

brought forth from contrasting connections.

We’re the connection connecting two lives

in order to form a fascinating figure,

happiness, yes, happiness.


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