A Song To You: Accompanied By The Electric Bass

“Rob Allen MB-2 Fretless Bass Guitar” by Ethan Prater used under CC BY 2.0

E venings, my fingers dance

A cross your neck with metal bars.

D eep strings sing low melodies;

G ranting my confessions to you.


E loquent tones hum so sweet

A gainst the timbre of your heartbeat.

D aylight, daybreak, dreaming of you –

G host notes make me think of you.


E lectric magnets color

A tone so rich with your body

D on’t pluck so hard, but deeper now

G liding fingers soothe us all.


B ut what if I want to go lower?

E very vibration is pleasure.

A cross the neck, against the body –

D riving consistent rhythms –

G iving into all we desire.


By: Logan Arey


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